Why are Kids Getting Addicted to Crocs Nowadays

If you have ever seen an inflatable toy, then you would have noticed the large variety of Crocs shoes that are on display in any store that sells inflatables. These are perfect kids shoes. They come in funky style and funky color, which make them more attractive for your kids. Even from sporting them at school or at a party, kids just love wearing Crocs for various reasons. So, if you are wondering where to buy kids Crocs, here are some places.

Crocs for girls kids
Crocs for girls kids

History of Crocs

Crocs for girls are one the best children’s footwear. They were actually invented by two guys who had started making children’s shoes when they were in college in the early 1960’s. After a few years, these two guys took their idea and transformed it into something that kids just love. The name Crocs was based on the footwear of the Blackfoot tribe of Montana and Oregon. The brand stands for comfort, style and creativity and it has been a popular brand ever since its creation.

Choose the Right Size

When buying kids Crocs, look for a size that fits them comfortably. Crocs for girls are generally smaller than those used for boys. Thus, when your kid starts growing out of Crocs, she should replace them with Crocs kids shoes to avoid damage to her feet. Crocs shoes range from Crocs size 1 to kids Crocs size 11.

Numerous Choices at Crocs

There is no doubt that kids absolutely love having Crocs shoes as part of their collection. These shoes look like a real clog and when your kid wears them, she would feel like she is on the go. Girls would love Crocs because of the different designs that are available for them. There are many different styles and designs for girls and boys, like the kids cheetah Crocs, Crocs kids literide clog, kids and kids Crocs tie dye. These shoes are available in different colors like pink, black, red, blue and yellow and also have different patterns and prints.

boys Crocs clog
boys Crocs clog

Crocs with PVC

Crocs footwear has three main categories, namely indoor, outdoor and combat. Indoor Crocs apply soft PVC and is therefore more comfortable than their outdoor cousins. The PVC is resistant to water, mold, stains and rough usage. An indoor Crocs can be worn for long periods of time without losing its comfortable qualities.

Crocs Combat Shoes

Crocs combat shoes are specifically designed for active kids who play basketball, volleyball or any other sports. They use durable rubber and feature a full sole. This helps to give maximum comfort and durability to the kids while they are concentrating on their sport. Kids platform Crocs are also very comfortable and the kids can wear them for hours on end.

"Crocs winter clog"}Crocs winter clog is suitable for cold environment as they are very light and therefore do not retain much heat. Thus, the kids do not get too much tired walking in the snow or in the cold. They are also popular in summer for casual wear or lounging around the house. The soles of these shoes are usually filled with cushions that give the kid’s feet a good massage as they walk.

Crocs: Top Quality

The Crocs company has made sure that all their shoes meet or exceed the international quality standards set by the International Health, Safety, and Education Association. This is one reason why kids love to wear Crocs. Also the fact that the shoes have an added protection feature to keep the child’s feet away from harmful objects that could hurt them further makes it more attractive to them.