The 3 Crocs Unicorn Clogs For Men

Crocs icons clogs for men

You can choose from Crocs Classic men’s clumpy lace-up slouch clods to the unicorn Crocs, and a few others as well. These men’s clogs are comfortable, lightweight, and well-ventilated, offering a comfortable, cool fit. The iconic logo on the front of the shoe adds a dash of fun.

For fans of the Star Wars franchise, Crocs has a new line of icon crafted cleats, called The Mandalorian, that include a Star Wars graphic and fun charms. Prices for the Mandalorian pack start at $5, and shipping is free on orders over $40. There are also Mandalorian-theme Crocs for men. The Mandalorian pack includes women’s Crocs, men’s Crocs, and kids’ Grogu cleats.

Crocs in durable materials and are resistant to chemicals. They are waterproof and feature plenty of ventilation holes for proper drainage. The star-shaped crocs are available in a variety of colors, so men can find the perfect pair to match any outfit. These clogs are available in sizes 5 to 7 and are available in both men’s and women’s styles.

The men’s cleats feature space-themed charms and designs that add to the out-of-this-world comfort of these men’s crocs. The company’s mission is to be a Net Zero company by 2030 and is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and environmental impact. By 2021, Crocs hopes to go vegan. Until then, check out the following styles for men.

Crocs Classic Hiker Clog

Crocs has introduced a new pair of black and white hiker clog for men. The Croslite(tm) footbed and daring lugged outsole help provide superior traction and comfort. These cost $85 USD and feature colorful velcro straps. Men who are looking for a stylish pair of hiking cleats will enjoy the versatility and durability of the Crocs Hikers.