Cool Crocs Clogs Are A Must-have For Summer

In these advanced summer styles, advanced Crocs shoes reign supreme! From the hottest neon shades to haunted mansions and flames, Crocs have something for everyone. From a pair of electric pink Crocs to silver glitter, the best Crocs for women are now available in a rainbow of colors. Whether you’re looking for a unique pair of sandals to complete your look, you’ve come to the right place!

Electric Pink Crocs

You may have noticed that the Crocs brand has been making a comeback of late. After being derided in the past as ugly, the Crocs brand has become a hit with celebrities. Nicki Minaj, Kate Middleton, Gwen Stefani, Justin Bieber, and more are endorsing the brand. Known for their comfort footwear, Crocs have received the FNAA award for “Brand of the Year” in 2019.

Minaj’s post went viral and prompted a crammed Crocs website to sell the electric pink colorway. Within hours of Minaj’s post, Google search volume for “electric pink crocs” increased by 1,567 percent. Today, the electric pink colorway of the Crocs Classic Clog is out of stock, but Google search volume for the brand has remained nearly three times higher than it was before.

Crocs Cleat Now Comes in Silver Glitter

A classic Crocs cleat now comes in silver glitter! These clogs have the same comfort features of Crocs’ Original Clog with advanced ventilation and breathability. The clog also accepts Jibbitz and features a massage-pod footbed. You can pair your Silver Glitter Crocs with a matching bag or purse for the perfect gift. These glitter clogs are sure to turn heads.

A popular lightweight shoe, the Crocs Clog boasts built-in glitter for the ultimate in sparkle. Crocs size their shoes based on Men’s sizing. Women’s sizes are typically two sizes smaller than Men’s, so if you’re a men’s size 7, you’ll need a size 5 clog. If you’re still unsure about your size, message Crocs customer service to find out!

Flame Crocs

Among the many varieties of Crocs shoes, flame Crocs are a must-have for summer. These sandals have a red heel strap and decent black-and-white logos. They are designed for the food service, hospitality, and health care industry. These shoes are comfortable to wear and are surprisingly lightweight. However, the downside to these shoes is that they have a tendency to leak water when you walk on wet surfaces.

Thankfully, the company is stepping up their community support by giving away 30,000 pairs of free Crocs shoes to Boulder Valley School District employees who lost homes in the fire. The company has teamed up with the Louisville-based foundation, Impact on Education, to give away these shoes to displaced families. The Crocs shoe giveaway will begin with schools that were directly affected by the fire. The fire destroyed more than 1,100 homes and displaced more than 500 students.

You may have noticed the Haunted Mansion Crocs popping up around the Magic Kingdom. These shoes feature the iconic purple wallpaper design from the Haunted Mansion, a Haunted Mansion sign, and the trademark Mickey Mouse Croc holes. In addition to appearing near the attraction itself, these shoes can be purchased from shops near the park. The Haunted Mansion Crocs can also be found at Disney’s Memento Mori store.

In addition to crocs, you can also find a pair of Minnie Mouse ears that match the Haunted Mansion-themed crocs. These earring pairs feature black velvet headbands with “The Haunted Mansion” embroidery. They also come with a non-slip purple band lining. If you’re interested in purchasing a full set of Haunted Mansion themed leggings, you can also check out the Minnie Ears, Spirit Jersey, and face mask.

There are many great Crocs Star Wars shoes for kids and adults. From the Classic The Child Clog to the Mandalorian clog, there’s something for everyone in this collection. Kids can wear the classic Crocs clog with the iconic Star Wars graphic and feature seven silver Jibbitz charms. They’re comfortable, lightweight, and waterproof, and are sure to make the kids look like the coolest Star Wars fans around.

Fans of the Star Wars films will love the new Crocs Star War shoes. Inspired by the Mandalorian, these clogs feature the signature Crocs comfort and styling. Plus, these fun footwear features six Jibbitz based on Disney+ series characters, including Grogu. So you’ll always look like the coolest kid on the block! And who doesn’t want to be the next Kylo Ren or R2-D2-D2?