7 Unbelievable Facts About Crocs

You know that Crocs were always the most comfortable shoes around, especially for kids. However, in more recent years, other companies have tried to make shoes like Crocs but cheaper. These days you can get Crocs shoes at online stores like amazon or eBay. Here is a look at some Unbelievable Facts about Crocs.

Two Basic Designs of Crocs

kids bayaband Crocs
kids bayaband Crocs

Crocs clogs come in two basic designs. The first design has open toes, like a mitten. This is a classic design that makes Crocs great for little feet. They are also available in closed toe design. Crocs closed toe clogs are often used by pediatricians to prescribe shoe orthotics for young children who have problems walking.

High-tech Materials

Crocs uses washable plastic, making them easy to clean. Unlike other clogs, these plastic clogs shoes apply materials that don’t irritate sensitive skin. Crocs are also available in many different styles. Crocs are available as casual sandals, flip-flops, water resistant clogs, high heels, open toe clogs, and closed toe sandals.

The History of Crocs

Crocs were named after a man from Denmark. He wanted to find a way to make his feet comfortable, so he invented white clogging shoes. These shoes were so comfortable that they could even help with motion sickness. White clogs were first produced in the United States in the early 1970s.

Crocs in Different Regions

baby in Crocs
baby in Crocs

Crocs was so popular that the brand was one of the best-seller in China and Japan. It has gone through several design changes over the years including different designs for women and Crocs men’s bogota clog. Crocs clogs have also been licensed for use by the US military.  Crocs also made an appearance on the reality TV show Rapper’s Choice.

Durable Crocs

Crocs shoes are known for their durable nature since they can stand up to a lot of wear and tear. They can easily shrug off dirt, mud, and water. This makes them a very good choice for sports enthusiasts and people who go to the beach a lot. Crocs is also good for casual wear as well as for the office. These shoes apply quality suede and rubber, so you can expect them to last for a very long time.

kids star wars Crocs

Crocs: Perfect for Kids

Crocs clogs are also available for children. There are several designs for children including those with cartoon characters or simple designs like the kids cheetah Crocs. Kids and kids bayaband Crocs are popular throughout the world. Crocs also offers other items such as flip flops, sandals, and other fun and fashionable footwear. Crocs shoes are available at most shoe stores and are readily available online. For more information about Crocs or for special sale prices and deals click on the Crocs website.

Different models of Crocs

There are many different models of Crocs clogs to choose from. Most Crocs clogs are white, although they come in many colors including black, earth, yellow, pink, lavender, and many more. The clogs are washable which makes them very easy to keep clean and they can last a very long time. When you purchase any Crocs clogs you will find that they are very affordable and they are also very comfortable. Many people who buy Crocs shoes wear them for many years before replacing them because they are so comfortable.